Why St. Croix Falls?


By investing in its future growth and protecting its scenic beauty and historic character, the City of St. Croix Falls is dedicated to preserving its pristine river valley community and to providing a safe, friendly environment for residents, businesses, institutions and visitors.

St. Croix Falls boasts a regional full-service medical center, professional theatre, a thriving downtown, great eateries, shops, retail stores, a modern library and nationally-ranked schools.

The distinctive beauty of the St. Croix River Valley, numerous recreational activities, and proximity to Wisconsin’s oldest state park (Interstate Park), has given rise to a flourishing tourism industry. According to Interstate Park, the park has over 354,000 visitors each year. Because of the large influx of tourists into the community, the services and retail trade sectors have benefited significantly by capturing tourist dollars.

The City is ready to assist businesses in accessing economic development resources offered at the regional/state/national level. You will find an available workforce at affordable wages with available sites to build homes.

The St. Croix Falls industrial park is located on the north side of US highway 8, extending east-west along Pine Street and Aspen Drive. The industrial park is approximately 145 acres in size. The buildings within the park are relatively new and serviced by industrial utilities. They are expandable, have plenty of parking, and all have easy on and off access to US highway 8.

For information on the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which includes an Economic Development Element, click here.

For additional information contact city hall at 715-483-3929