Apr 102015
City of St. Croix Falls
Mayors 2015 City Priorities
January 12, 2015

The following priorities and initiatives will ensure we as a Council and Community stay focused on the efficient delivery of City services and invest in the City’s future.
Waste Water Treatment Plant
While our waste water treatment plant renovations will be finished in 2015, the Council and Administration must continue to focus on this. We must ensure the Administration and Public Works
staff are afforded sufficient time and training to bring our new plant on line and learn how to operate it at top efficiency. We need to understand in great detail all costs and demands of operating this plant.
Vincent & Maple Street, Sewer & Water Improvement Planning
Planning for these capital improvements will move from conceptual to actual. This will involve collaboration with Planning Commission to ensure this project is consistent with and supports the Comprehensive Plan, incorporates Safe Routes to Schools, considers operational and expense impact to public works and considers City owned property interests and purpose. The Council will be tasked to understand our bonding capacity and when this project best fits within our ability to finance it.
Auditorium Expansion & Hotel Construction
As a Council we must ensure staff is afforded the time to focus on all work required to support this development. This is a catalyst project that will revitalize Washington Street by leveraging the performing arts and modernized performance space. Performing arts and the experience economy are exportable products of our City and we must fully develop and leverage them.
City Projects
Specific projects were identified and funded in the 2015 Budget (see Administrators Report). These projects focus on maintaining and improving existing City assets. All City projects should be completed by September 1st.
Excel River Frontage Property Acquisitions
The Council and Administration must complete discussions and negotiations with Excel Energy to secure those parcels that have a defined public purpose.
City Hall
Further explore the costs and benefits of relocating City Hall to Washington Street.
Increase Fire Department Volunteer Base
Have greater engagement with Fire Chief and Officers to support volunteer recruitment and training. Establish through resolution a George K. Meixner Scholarship fund in recognition and memory of George Meixner’s 50 years of volunteer service.

Mayor Brian Blesi
220 Roosevelt Street South
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024