Sep 272012

scf1501-rendering-2aThe vision and mission for the St. Croix Falls Civic Auditorium is to provide a gathering place for residents and visitors to connect with each other through culture, civic engagement, arts, learning and shared experiences that expand their personal lives and contribute to strengthening the fabric of our community, both socially and economically.  Please visit the Civic Auditorium project website for more information.


Photo from February 26, 2015– the Second-Annual Mayor’s Breakfast at St Croix Festival Theatre. Pictured (left to right) Festival Theatre staff, Andrew Bradford Benson and Jaclyn Johnson, and St. Croix Falls Mayor Brian Blesi.

There is an exciting future in store for Festival Theatre and its home in the St. Croix Civic Auditorium. In addition to producing the finest theatre, music performances and arts education, Festival Theatre will also become a cultural arts management organization for St. Croix Civic Auditorium. This creates a production and management hub to support the advancement of the arts in the greater St. Croix Valley region.

More information about Festival Theatre at