Administration Services


City Administrator
This position is currently not filled
Phone number: 715-483-3929
The City of St. Croix Falls has a Council – Administrator form of government. The Council is responsible for all legislative actions, determining community needs, establishing priorities and policies, adopting an annual budget and hiring the City Administrator. The City Administrator directs the operations of the City to accomplish the goals and objectives set by the Council. The Administrator is responsible for carrying out the directives of the City Council and for the hiring and managing of the City staff.

City Clerk
Bonita Legitt
Phone number: 715-483-3929
The City Clerk’s Office keeps all of the official records for the City of St. Croix Falls, including the agendas and adopted minutes of city government meetings and copies of St. Croix Falls’ ordinances. The City Clerk’s Office maintains all of the voting equipment; collects, tabulates, and reports election results; and is in charge of all elections and polling places. The City Clerk is also responsible for:
  • Issuing of municipal licenses as required by local ordinance and state statute, including alcohol, bartender, beverage, cigarettes, master / journeyman electrical, soda, housing, and plumbing licenses
  • Maintaining special assessments for sewer and water, blacktop, and curb and gutter, and special charges for property improvements
  • Preserving all contracts, bonds, and oaths of office
  • Publishing of all legal notices and filing and indexing all proceedings of the Common Council
  • Safekeeping and maintaining all election records
  • Registering voters