St. Croix Falls Public Library


The St. Croix Falls Public Library offers a variety of services like printing, faxing, public meeting and quiet study rooms, public-access computers, and free WiFi as well as social and learning opportunities. With thousands of books, movies, audio recordings and other media in its collection, this modern library (new location opened 2009) embraces green technology and lifelong enrichment. Please visit their website for complete details and for upcoming events at the library.
230 S. Washington Street
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
Phone: 715-483-1777     Fax: 715-483-1782
Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-7 pm
Saturday 10 am-3 pm

Library Board

Chapter 43 of State Statutes notes the powers and duties of library boards. The Board has exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected, donated or appropriated for the library fund. It also has charge, control and custody of all lands, buildings, money or other property devised, bequeathed, given or granted to, or otherwise acquired or leased by, the municipality for library purposes. The Board supervises the administration of the public library and appoints a librarian, confirmed by the Council. City Code says the Board shall consult with the Council for the purpose of coordinating library personnel policies with general City personnel policies.

Board Members

Sharon Foss, President

Liesl Virchow, City of St. Croix Falls Representative

Ron Erickson, Rural Representative

Jeff Huenink, City Council Representative
Wendy Peterson, School District Representative

Adrienne Gyllen, City of St. Croix Falls Representative
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