River Spirit

Unveiled on July 20, 2007, at the foot of the scenic overlook in St. Croix Falls, this life-size sculpture, conceived by Julie Ann Stage, was commissioned by the City of St. Croix Falls to celebrate and honor the St. Croix River.

This sinewy bronze beauty looks as though she’s emerging from the depths of the river as the wind ascends her toward the heavens. As she peers skyward with intensity, an eagle takes flight from her shoulder, symbolizing what she’s releasing from within.

River Spirit is the culmination of one of Julie Ann’s styles of work based in the themes of wind, water, and nature. Her work is autobiographical, celebrating the passages of life through compassion, sensitivity, emotion, and personal growth. Julie Ann shared her hopes that her art “will inspire people to shed away those things that do not serve them well.”

Support the City of St. Croix Falls
By investing in a bronze replication of the River Spirit you will help solidify the community’s vision of arts as community. Purchases also encourage economic development by helping to foster other local art ventures.

The City also receives a small share of each order– money that will be used to further promote the area and culture in the community. The sculpture is offered in various sizes: To order please contact the City Clerk at City Hall 715-483-3929.