Aug 152014
JULY 28, 2014, 7:00 PM

Mayor Brian Blesi called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm on Monday, July 28, 2014, Present were Lori Erickson, Don Anderson and Jeff Huenink. Bob Kazmierski was absent. Also present Administrator Joel Peck, Clerk Bonita Leggitt, Fire Chief Mike Dorsey, the public and the press. All joined Salute to the Flag.

Don Anderson moved to approve the Minutes of the July 17, 2014 Council Meeting, second by Lori Erickson, voice vote, motion passed.

Sarah Adams presented the Library Report.
Plan Commission minutes from 7-21-14 were presented to Council.
Brian Blesi: Cemetery Board met and is looking into green burial practices.
Joel Peck: Joint Town & City Planning Committee met with property owners re: proposed frontage road on north side of Hwy 8. Town of SCF is looking for a well site, could then sell water to City.

General Fund $29,051.07, Library Fund $1,563.47, Park & Rec $500.00, TIF District $3,187.50, Water $5,829.03, Sewer $6,156.19
Don Anderson moved to approve claims, second by Lori Erickson, roll call vote, 3 ayes, passed.

Loreen Clayton-Morrell: is it a conflict of interest for a firefighter who works for a fire truck vendor to work on truck proposal? What is status of compost site? If city enters an exclusive contract with a garbage hauler do we lose competition for that service?
Tammy & Bob Lenius: own property adjacent to Xcel land on river and are interested in that property, what would City do with that property?
Ann Turner: concerned with cost of new fire truck and debt load it would put on tax payers.

Consider Purchase of Solar Powered Speed Indicator Sign for Vincent St
A resident on Vincent St has requested that the City put up a speed indicator sign, they feel that drivers travel through the area too fast. The Police Chief said that Louisiana St is in would be better place for this type of sign. Council felt that should be looked at with 2015 budget.
Consider Request for Bon Fire Permit for Homing Coming on 9-19-14
Lori Erickson moved to approve a permit for a bon fire for Home Coming on 9-19-14, second by Don Anderson, voice vote, motion passed.
Review of Bids for a New Fire Truck
The City received two bids for a new quint fire truck. Pierce submitted a bid of $820,517 Rosenbaur submitted a bid of $831,595, will be reviewing both bids to see if the meet the specifications asked for and will also be looking at used vehicles. Primary concerns voiced were with cost of a truck and impact on property taxes.
Discuss Option of Exclusive Franchise for Trash Pick Up in City
Joel Peck: just cleared out 2 years’ worth of accumulation of brush and limbs, need a better solution. One option would be a franchise with a garbage hauler to take yard waste. Both Waterman’s and Waste Management have indicated that with a franchise rates would drop. Waterman’s doesn’t have facilities for handling yard waste, Waste Management does.
Consider Change Order #2 for Water Service Line Replacement at WWTP
The existing water line in the WWTP needs to be replaced with a 2” line, Wisconsin Code requires a licensed plumber to do plumbing work inside buildings. Rice Lake Construction does not have a WI licensed plumber on staff and is looking to have Joel Yunker/Comfort Systems do the work for a cost of $5,185, this would be Change Order #2.
Jeff Huenink moved to approve Change Order #2, second by Don Anderson, roll call vote, 3 ayes, 1 absent, motion passed.
Consider Clarifying Policy for Compensating Employees for Calls During Off-Work Hours
City Staff is in need of clarification where off-duty phone calls are concerned. The Employee Handbook provides 2 hours pay when an employee is called back to work, does a phone call by itself qualify the 2 hours pay? Council directed staff to draft language.

Lori Erickson moved to adjourn, second by Don Anderson, voice vote, motion passed. 9:35 pm.
Brian Blesi, Mayor Bonita Leggitt, City Clerk