Jan 252014
December 16, 2013, 7:00 P.M.
City Hall 710 Hwy 35 South

Mayor Brian Blesi called to order a regular meeting of the St. Croix Falls Plan Commission on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 7 pm. Roll call: Arnie Carlson, Ken Coutier, Brad Foss, Mark Sabel and Bob Kazmierski were present. Warren White was absent. Also present: Administrator Joel Peck, Clerk Bonita Leggitt, the public and the press.

Mark Sabel moved to approve the minutes of the October 21, 2013 Plan Commission Meeting, second by Arnie Carlson, voice vote, motion passed.

Consider Setting a Public Hearing to Amend the TIF District 1 Project Plan to Allow for Development of NE Corner of Washington St and Louisiana St
TIF District 1 was established in 1993, the boundaries were amended in 1999, it is proposed to amend the Project Plan to allow additional spending and to reflect current state statutes allowing for use of TIF expenditures within ½ mile of the TIF Boundaries. The funds would be used to develop the northeast corner of N Washington St and Louisiana St. Amending the Plan requires a Public Hearing.
Mark Sabel moved to adopt Resolution 201-a setting a public hearing on January 20, 2014, second by Arnie Carlson, voice vote, motion passed.
Review Zoning Options for Hwy 8 Properties that are Currently Un-zoned
There are two tracks of land on the south side of Hwy 8 in the City that were not zoned when they were annexed, the annexation requests were for PUD Zoning which is an overlay zoning designation, base zoning is still needed. One is east of 208th St and was looked at for residential development and one is west of Menards. Plan Commissioners discussed best use and zoning.
Brian Blesi moved to recommend that 281-1401-0000, 281-1403-0000 and 281-1406-0000 located east of 208th St be zoned B2 Highway Commercial, second by Mark Sabel, voice vote, motion passed.
Brad Foss moved to recommend that the portion of 281-1394-0000 north of Wilberg Blvd be zoned B2 Highway Commercial and that the portion of 281-1394-0000 and 281-1397-0000 south of Wilberg Blvd be zoned R3 Multi-Family Residential, second by Bob Kazmierski, voice vote, motion passed.
Public Hearings for the recommended zoning classifications will be held in February 2014.

Mark Sabel moved to adjourn, second by Arnie Carlson, voice vote, motion passed. 7:50 p.m.

Bonita Leggitt, Clerk