Commissions, Committees & Boards

Citizen volunteers play a vital role in the planning and progress of the City of St. Croix Falls.  Serving on a commission, committee or board is a great way to help shape the future of the City.  

Plan Commission

The members of the Plan Commission work to make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the City, including any areas outside of its boundaries, which in the members of the plan commission's judgement bear relation to the development of the City. The master plan has the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted and harmonious development of the municipality which will, in accordance with existing and future needs, best promote public health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity or the general welfare, as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development.

The Plan Commission consists of the mayor, one alderman, and five citizen members of recognized experience and qualifications. Citizens are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council for three year staggered terms beginning May 1st.

Regular meetings are held at city hall on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.


Current Members:

Mayor Kirk Anderson, [email protected]

Council Representative Craig Lien, [email protected]

Pam Stratmoen

Mike Donaghue

Debra Kravig

James Vee




Tourism Committee

The mission of the tourism committee is to foster and promote tourism to the the City of St. Croix Falls and surrounding river valley.  

Cemetery Board

St. Croix Falls Cemetery Brochure
St. Croix Falls Cemetery Brochure

Cemetery Board 

Cemetery Brochure

A joint Board that is made up of 2 Council members from the City of St Croix Falls and 2 members of the Town of St Croix Falls.

City of St. Croix Falls - Mayor Kirk Anderson, Alderperson Craig Lien, Citizen Rosalee Kittleson

Town of St. Croix Falls - Mike Dorsey and Jeremy Hall


Sexton: Cheryl Lehman          715-646-2211

Secretary/Treasurer:  Marcia Nielsen      715-646-2109

Library Board

The members of the library board are appointed by the mayor and approved by the council.  Their work is to create policy, provide fiscal and operational management for the public library. The library director is the chief executive of the library board and reports monthly to the board. The library website has a wealth of information.

President  Josh Carlisle

City Council Representative Joe Snyder

School District Representative  Amy Klein

City of St. Croix Falls Representatives  Adrienne GyllenShirley Miller-FreyLiesel Virchow

Polk County Rural Representatives  Wendy PetersonLynette Scott